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Our company offer support in filling, representing and monitoring such complaints and litigation through our representatives and competent advocates on records on the basis of Special Power of Attorney to challenge such matter in the court and it would be endeavour of the company to restore the legal rights. We can also conduct out of court settlement with the possession holder in case of dire need upon the desire and approval of the NRI.

We make sure that all government records are updated and all revenue records reflect the desired changes. A copy of such records is also provided to the clients. 

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illegal sale of property


Legally property in India/Punjab can be transferred to another person  by  Conveyance deed, Sale or Gift deed etc. At times, relatives or any person get it illegally transferred such immovable properties to another person by means of forged documents or impersonations. Our company would get the so property restored by challenging the transfer under the civil law and filling criminal complaints under the relevant provision such as Indian Penal court (IPC) and legal rights are restored to law full owners.

fighting for nri rights in india

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