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Land record search


Most of the property of Oversees Citizen of India/ Non-Resident Indians own inherited property from ancestors but mostly do not have all the documents or latest documents.

It is a commonly seen that due to lack of knowledge of documents and lack of possession of the land/ property, sometime the relatives or friends transfer the property or sale the property to another person even without the consent of the real owner. This is mostly done by adopting fraudulent means. NRI on the other hand is left scrambling for documentation.

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Without proper documentation, no claim is valid or can be made. In event of fraudulent transfer, legal remedies under Indian Penal code. Civil laws are required to be made and criminal action would have to be got registered. 
We help NRIs search their land, locate their land and property as per records registered with Indian government. We Help NRIs to search properties they are not aware of or are not marked. We get all the legal documents for the administration including all land records available.
​A proper title search is required which is done by company and real estate evaluation report as per current prices by experts is also got prepared. Key Aspects studies and reported​ A detailed report with all revenue documents are obtained which would contain following aspects/ documents in respect of the title search:- ​1.      Details including location and total land 2.      Calculation of share and share of other co-owner 3.      Certified documents 4.      Documents regarding possession (Gardhwari of the land) 5.      Present status and future action/ advise required to be taken

For more information Indian Law, check wikipedia website here

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