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our story

NRI Helpline evolved out of need to help family and family.

Promoters themselves have been through the distressful times of being disconnected with their property because of the distance between countries. The problems they faced is faced by most of the NRIs all over the world.

Mr Walia has come up with a solution that he wants to share with others and help them get out of the mess.

NRI Helpline is a complete service provider for all NRI's needs in India.

It is an open secret that from the time immoral property and money is valuable asset and become the bone of contention between family members, landlord/ tenants, once you want to take out the property out of control of the other party, either for sale or for self-use. It is generally seen that either the real owner has to sell off the property as a “distress sale” or sometime lead to feud that result in injuries or even murders. NRIs living in the other part of the world are ignorant of the ground realities and the complex Indian Laws which are being updated and amended regularly and so are the judgements of the courts such which are to be followed in letter and spirit.

It is also difficult for the NRI to understand the psyche and work culture of the government machinery in Punjab and elsewhere in India. Ultimately NRI has been depending upon friends/relatives in India and sometime such dependence also become suicidal.
NRI also does not have latest access to the market valuation for which he has to depend on relatives who generally underscores the property value. It is a ground reality that there is a viscous circle in India to grab such NRI properties for a song and professional bad elements keep eye on such properties all over.

To help the genuine land owner, there is a need to have a professional service provider and consultant who has knowledge of law, who understands the psyche and work culture of Administration in India, fast changing administration, ground realities, practical skills, experience and has proper liaison with the decision makers/ Police/civil and revenue administration. With these aims and after in depth study of the issues involved and with all qualities put together; we have raised a professional company to serve the people and NRIs of Canada and world over. 

​Our company has been created to give neat and clean service with proper and professional in time bound manner so that NRI property interest are safeguarded. It would be endeavour of the company to give all promised services with clean hand and would expect that all information is provided to our company with a clean hand, so that genuine services are provided.