Generally while living overseas, we do not understand the issue of Power of Attorney which is in fact a legal authority/ instrument whereby one person gives to another person the authority to act on his/ her behalf as his legal representative and to take final decision in respect of such property. Power of attorney can be issued to a legal person like Lawyer or anyone to whom the NRI trusts the most. Lack of properly drafted and executed power of Attorney can lead to lots of complication at later stages. Power of Attorney’s are of two types which should are always be drafted and studied well before executions which is generally not done. There are 2 types of Power of Attorney   General Power of Attorney: It gives to the agent broad power to act on behalf of the principal and the power to carry out all legal acts without restricting it to a particular transaction or act. 
Special Power of Attorney: It gives restrictive power to act on certain matter or to carry out a special legal transaction for a specific principal.  Power of  Attorney can be executed in India before a Sub Registrar (Tehsildars ) or Public Notaries or through Diplomatic channels in Foreign counties. Foreign power Attorney has to be authenticated/ embossed by lawful authority/ collector in Punjab or Chandigarh as may the case be, within a specific time period. Without embossment, document is not legally valid.  Our company offer services of drafting power of attorney in India and Canada by competent advocates on records so that the documents are legal and by taking care of legal consequences at later stage and helping the same in getting embossed in Punjab/ Chandigarh.

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Power of Attorney


Our company offer services of drafting power of attorney by competent lawyers so that the documents are legal and by taking care of legal consequences at later stage. We go an extra mile by processing the Power or Attorney at respective court in Punjab by getting it  embossed by respective state authority. Finally the PoA is handed over to the designated person

A PoA that has not been embossed may be challenged by a party that eyes a share in property.


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