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Sale of Property (Good or Distress) NRI property usually faces big losses when put up on sale. The main reason of this is as below:   1. Limited Time (Hasty Decisions) - NRI does't have time to look for right buyer and generally sale decisions are made in haste 2. Limited Market Information - NRIs do not have access to the market information and current market rates. As a result he is not able to negotiate well while selling the property.  3. Dependance - NRIs usually rely on friends and relatives while selling their properties, and it is generally seen that they themselves have vested interested in sale of property below market price.  4. Limited legal knowledge - NRIs are out of touch on the latest laws and legal procedures. This also effect the negotiation and price at the time of sale.  NRI Legal Solutions Ltd have the right people that are committed in providing the best market rate possible for your property. Our network of people have been backed over time in this profession and strive to get the maximum returns for our clients.  They are legally sound and are supported by legal lawyers to see that property transaction is completed in proper and legal manner. We do in-depth market analysis before listing a property and strive to sell at that listed price.    ACTION PLAN Our action plan while selling NRI property includes below: Evaluation of Market preparing market report for similar properties Identification of buyer/seller Making sure of availability of correct paper work Establishing title to the property. Ensuring all documents are properly executed and delivered. Negotiating , drafting and reviewing sale and purchase agreements. Representation before various authorities such as Sub Divisional Magistrate, Registrar, Courts etc 

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Managing property in India is a task in itself. Especially with the frauds against NRIs on the rise, one has to be wary while making renting, leasing or selling decisions. Many times the property is joint and division of revenue is not property. Keeping properties locked is a lose of revenue and also results in property being vulnerable to unscrupulous elements. Selling a distress property results in huge losses to NRIs.

NRI Helpline has a team of experts who are from the specific area and follow a professional approach while dealing such matters. They strive for only one goal, getting maximum price for the property they sell. 

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